5 Articles Critical for Your Success in 2015

2014 was quite a year for Net Net Hunter. Over those 12 months, over 60 articles were published, and my real money portfolio surged 40% over the last 11 months. Talk about an outstanding year.

But Net Net Hunter readers found some articles much more valuable for their own success than others. Some of these articles flip value investing on its head, while others are vital for the success of a mechanical investing operation. What follows are the 5 most popular articles from 2014 that you have to read to have the best chance of great returns in 2015 -- and the rest of your investing career. Enjoy!

Have You Been Sucked Into the Warren Buffett Trap?

By far the most read and shared article on Net Net Hunter in 2014 was also the most controversial -- and it's easy to see why. It really came down to one single message: Warren Buffett has become a deity among value investors but blindly embracing his investment style means earning lower returns over the course of your life. This flies in the face of our collective beliefs as value investors, which is also what makes it such a vital article and one you have to read. Click Here.

Is Benjamin Graham Still Relevant in 2014?

Benjamin Graham is a legend in the value investment world, but can you trust his legendary advice in our high-tech, modern markets of 2014? 

Given the modern focus on Buffettology, the answer may be surprising. In 2014, over 1300 people shifted their perspective on Ben Graham and got to rethink their investment strategy. Click here to see why.

Joel Greenblatt's Forgotten Original Magic Formula

Joel Greenblatt is best known for crafting a great investment strategy based on combining high ROIC and a low price relative to earnings. But, did you know that long before the Little Book That Beats the Market, Joel Greenblatt was busy testing a different magic formula -- one with far better returns?

Joel Greenblatt's original Magic Formula is a little known secret that the small investor can still take advantage of. What is it, and how can you leverage Greenblatt's fantastic strategy? Click here to find out.

International Value Investing? 5 Brokers You Have To Look At 

It's no secret that the best deep value stocks are often located outside of the USA. For those looking to fill their portfolio full of high quality deep value stocks, having a broker that covers a breadth of markets and a wide range of stocks within those markets is critical.

Here are 5 brokers that you have to look out if you're serious about investing internationally. Get the scoop -- Click Here.

How To Get Explosive NCAV Stock Returns in 2015

After all is said and done, every successful investor has to have a good strategy to earn good results over the course of their life. The best investment strategy that any small investor can take is is to put together a diversified list of high quality net net stocks. By controlling the quality of your stocks, by opting for the highest quality net net stocks available, investors can earn outstanding returns over the course of their lives. And, they don't have to be masters of finance to do so. Click here to find out exactly how I select the highest quality net net stocks available.

Investing is simple, but it's not easy. Use the above articles to sharpen your investment strategy and rack up great returns in 2015.

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