5 Must Read Net Net Hunter Articles For 2016

Are you ready for 2016?

2015 ended with a whimper and the first couple of months have been devastating for investors.  If you want your portfolio to thrive in 2016, the remainder of the decade, and into the 2020s, you have to adopt the right investment mindset.

A lot of value investors think they're on the path to maximum profits with low risk, but few realize just how deeply they've been sucked into The Warren Buffett Trap.

The articles below are critical to your success in 2016 and beyond. To dive more into how I utilize this critical mindset, consider picking up a copy of my newly released net net stock guide, Retire Young & Rich. To see how these strategies have performed in my own real money portfolio net of fees, Click Here.

Otherwise, let's get started!

5 Posts You Just Don't Want to Miss for 2016

1. How a Young Warren Buffett Started His Fortune

Most value investors are confused about Warren Buffett. A lot of investors assume that Buffett's biggest returns come from buying great companies with sizeable moats. Unfortunately, they're wrong. This article will show you how he earned his highest returns and how you can do the same today. Click to Read

Benjamin Graham and Mr. Market

2. Value Investing? Here’s the Big Secret for the Small Investor

This article is a guest contribution by Net Net Hunter member Matt Carey. If you're a small investor looking for a place for your money, here's a brief glimpse into the lessons learned along his way to financial freedom. Click to Read

Benjamin Graham's Dirty Little Secret for the Small Investor

3. Benjamin Graham's Dirty Little Secret for the Small Investor

There's a big secret floating around the investing world. Actually, it's only a secret because small investors have forgotten the lessons of Graham. In 2016, however, small investors seem to be waking up to the fact that they have a huge edge over the pros. Click to Read

Positive EV Net Net Stocks

4. How to Use +EV to Pick the Highest Potential Net Net Stocks

Want a better framework to invest by? This one is a doozy. If you want to make the best possible returns, use this tool to improve your stock selection criteria. Click to Read


5. Can This Pig Farmer Teach You Value Investing?

Probably the best example of a solid investor is this American pig farmer. While a lot of investors scan YouTube for videos on Warren Buffett, or listen to podcasts on trading, those who tuned in to listen to Mr. Womack when he talked about stocks were getting a world class education. Click to Read


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