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Net Net Hunter is the only members site 100% dedicated to classic net net stock investing. Check out everything we offer below.


Shortlists of High Potential Net Net Stocks

Get quick access to high potential net net stocks – many poised to double within a year.

International Raw Screens

Browse over 400 net net stocks from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

Net Net Stock Educational Resources

Learn how to turn cash in the bank into a portfolio of great net net stocks.

Deep Value Community Forums

Discuss investment ideas, net net stock investing strategies, books, world events, and a range of other value investing topics. Our exclusive membership forums bring together dedicated deep value investors from all over the globe.

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Net Net Stock Guide
  • Jae Jun Old School Value

    "Net net hunter makes selecting net nets really easy by having a shortlist of international stocks ready to go. The stocks are filtered through their scorecard to increase the odds of picking winners and helps you understand what process is being used."

  • Alvin Chow

    Alvin Chow Big Fat Purse

    "I went to his site and I was amazed by the amount of content that he had. It’s really very high quality stuff. There are not a lot of websites that talk about Benjamin Graham style investing and it was like a gem in a lot of rubbish sites. So, I persuaded my business partners to sign up for a Net Net Hunter subscription and inside the membership we found even more gems — Evan talked about stocks, analyzed net net stocks in detail, and not just in a particular country such as in the US which most sites cover, he also went into the UK, Japan, all these countries uncovering net net stocks."

  • Matthew Senicola Managing Partner, North Shore Wealth Management

    Net Net Hunter is a very valuable and unique service. There are very few sites dedicated to following net net stocks. This site offers investors a wealth of information on the subject as well as many potential stock opportunities to consider.

  • Luis Cote

    The thought of financial independence before turning 40 had never crossed my mind. Then, I was lucky to meet Evan who has been offering guidance on how to invest. This is how I made a promise to myself to retire in under ten years. I now feel that my goal is within reach.

  • Mark Langenbacher Professor of Finance, Remington College

    Although I am a finance professor and long-time value investor, I find Evan's picks save me scores of hours of research and screening work. I still do my own anaysis, but now I have a short list to use.

  • Scott Thompson MBA, Author of Art & Science of Value Investing, Managing Director of Intrinsic Value Capital Mgmt.

    Evan Bleker does an excellent job at implementing Ben Graham's "Net Net" investment strategy. Ben Graham was Warren Buffett's MBA professor, mentor, & 1st employer. Billionaire value investor Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway is believed to have implemented Ben Graham's "Net Net" investment strategy during the first couple decades of his investment career, when he earned annual returns of 30%-40%.

Take a Look Inside

Curious about what kind of content we offer on the inside? Have a look at the members section below.

  • Blake Miner / The Energy Life

    Evan is really personable and has helped me understand net net stocks and how to invest in them. His investment shortlists really help minimize the work necessary to put together a good portfolio.

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Answers to some common questions people have before joining.

Q: Are there enough net net stocks right now to put together a well diversified portfolio?

A: There definitely are. The catch is that you have to expand your horizons to net net stocks trading in other first world countries. When taking these other markets into account, there are more than enough net net stocks to put together a well-crafted NCAV stock portfolio. The idea that “net nets just don’t exist anymore” comes straight from the mouths of people who can’t look beyond their own immediate surroundings. Adopting that same assumption and missing out on adopting Ben Graham's net net stock strategy could ultimately cost you 20-35% on average per year, or over $1 000 000 USD by the time you retire.

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Q: I’m American so I can’t invest internationally. What can I do to invest in net net stocks?

A: If you’re American, you can definitely invest internationally. The bulk of our members are Americans who have decided to invest overseas to leverage Ben Graham's famous net net stocks strategy.

To help you, we’ve uncovered a number of different high quality brokers that take on American clients. These are large international brokers with strong reputations. Some of them offer very inexpensive trades while others offer additional service to high net worth clients. All of this information is available to members.

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Q: I’m American, so the tax complications of investing international are a nightmare. How do I get around this?

A: Hire a tax accountant. It’s really that simple. A good tax accountant might charge you $300 USD at most to do your year-end taxes. That’s a small price to pay to achieve the returns on offer with Ben Graham's net net stocks.

Don’t lose the opportunity to make 20-35% average annual returns with net net stocks, which could amount to over $1 000 000 USD by the time you retire, just because you didn’t want to pay $300 a year for a good tax accountant. That would be tragic!

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Q: If I'm not happy with the service, can I get a refund?

A: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the service, no refunds are given. Once the stock lists are published, the service is considered delivered so monthly refunds are not possible. As well, since yearly members have immediate access to all investment analysis reports, we can't provide refunds once the service is started. Get Access!

Q: If I join now, will my membership fees ever change?

A: Your membership fees will never change as long as you're a member. If you join now for $499.99/year, for example, you could still be paying that same $499.99/year 20 years from now.

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Q: What do you mean by hand-picked stocks?

A: Every month we spend 15 long hours combing through over 400 net net stocks to find the best possible investment candidates within each market. We then arrange these stocks into our Net Net Hunter Investment Shortlists so you can quickly identify the most promising investments quickly and easily.

How much is your time worth? An average worker in North America makes roughly $20/hour. If you spent 15 hours each month trying to identify the best net net stocks in each market, you would essentially be wasting $300 of your own time. After just two months, a yearly Net Net Hunter membership more than pays for itself.

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Q: What are "Investment Research Reports" and what's included as a part of it?

A: An investment research report is a detailed research report showcasing either a special net net stock opportunity that we've uncovered, or a hidden landmine that you should keep far away from your portfolio. Both are key. After all, "Don't lose money," is the first rule of successful investing.

The length of each analysis varies, but all are based on Net Net Hunter's NCAV Investment Scorecard. Each includes: main quantitative characteristics of the company, a summary of the main business operations, the location of the company, a detailed account of how the company meets each one of Net Net Hunter's NCAV Investment Scorecard criterion, an account of the major problem(s) the company is going through, how management is attempting to rectify the problem(s), other important aspects of the investment situation, and a final conclusion characterized by a buy or avoid decision.

The investment opportunities Net Net Hunter's Investment Research Reports highlight are alone worth the cost of membership. It is very common to see any one of these stocks rise 50-100% within the course of a year.

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Q: How many Investment Research Reports will I get each month?

A: I take Warren Buffett’s no called strike approach to net net stock investing. Ultimately, a good investment opportunity comes when it wants to, not when you want it to. That means that the number of Investment Research Reports each month will depend largely on the number of high quality opportunities I spot each month. My aim with Net Net Hunter is to communicate high quality opportunities rather than a mountain of mediocre opportunities. A higher number of mediocre stocks will not help you achieve the best possible investment returns — but that’s the exact approach that most other investment sites take!

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Q: How often are your stock screens updated?

A: The stock screens are updated at the end of each month. Again, our aim is to provide members with high quality investment opportunities which ultimately means depth of coverage rather than breadth of coverage. Lists that are updated bimonthly or even daily add little value, while communicating the quality of each opportunity in more depth is very valuable.

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Q: What metrics are found on your stock lists?

A: We use a range of criteria when putting together our stock lists.

Raw Screens: Ticker Symbol, Name, F Score, Z Score, NCAV/Price, Market Capitalization, Dividend Yield, Shareholder Yield, EBITDA Yield, PE Ratio, and Subsector Name.

Shortlists: Ticket Symbol, Name, Exchange, Market Capitalization, Price/NCAV Ratio, Price/Net Cash Ratio, Debt to Equity Ratio, Current Ratio, Burn Rate Quarter Over Quarter, Burn Rate Year Over Year, Link to Financial Statements.

Please note that these metrics are subject to change based on community request.

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Q: Why do your metrics differ between the two screens?

The Shortlists are based on Net Net Hunter's NCAV Investment Scorecard. I’ve developed this checklist after extensive research which uncovered metrics associated with outperformance. Many of these metrics have to be calculated by hand so putting together the Net Net Hunter NCAV Stock Shortlists takes a considerable amount of work each month.

By contrast, the Raw Screens include not only basic metrics, but also metrics that community members have requested.

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Q: What size of companies do you typically invest in?

A: Firms trading below NCAV are typically some of the smallest companies you can invest in. In fact, these companies typically have market capitalizations of less than $200 million USD, and most of the firms that I’ve invested in have had market caps between $10 - 50 million USD.

Larger firms trading below NCAV do exist, but as size increases, average returns decrease.

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Q: Are net net stocks penny stocks?

A: No, but you have good reason to ask that question.

Penny stocks can be very risky depending on the type of investment strategy that you employ. A stock is not automatically more risky just because it’s priced below $1. Take Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), for example. Microsoft currently trades at $46.49 USD. If the company split its stock 47:1, each share would be priced at $0.99 and meet the criteria for being a penny stock. It’s insane, however, to assume that Microsoft had become a far more risky investment just because it split its shares all the way down to less than $1.

Net net stocks can be priced either above or below $1 — but I consider that fact irrelevant to the investment strategy. What really matters is if the stock you’re buying 1) is not a bankruptcy candidate, 2) is backed by solid, stable, value, and 3) is priced well below that value to provide a large margin of safety.

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Q: What countries or markets do you cover?

A: Net Net Hunter currently covers the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan. This is subject to change based on member requests or market developments.

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Q: Will you increase your coverage to include other countries?

A: Almost certainly yes. Requests have been made for Singapore and specific countries in Europe, as well as India. I currently have no plans to extend our coverage to India due to the difficulty of finding trustworthy financial information on smaller Indian companies. The same goes for Singapore. We’re most likely to extend our coverage to Europe next.

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Q: I don’t know how to invest in net net stocks but I’d like to learn from somebody. Can you help me?

A: Definitely. I’m currently helping a few of our members become confident net net stock investors. They’ve essentially started without any knowledge of the stock market or investing but have built a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. No matter where you’re starting from, I can help you increase your skill as an investor. The only think I ask from you is openness to my ideas and suggestions, as well as a solid work ethic to learn what you need to learn.

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Q: Do you cover NNWC stocks? If not, why not?

A: We only cover NCAV stocks. While I’m well aware of NNWC stocks, I haven’t seen any evidence that NNWC stocks provide better returns than adequately discounted NCAV stocks. Because of that, I haven’t focused any time on NNWC stocks.

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Q: Do we get access to your personal portfolio?

A: My portfolio is not part of the membership content but I'm more than happy to talk about my current holdings on our deep value forum. Just ask!

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Q: How do I cancel my membership?

If you really don't want to make the best possible investmemt returns and retire wealthy, simply email [email protected] with both your user name & real name and you won't be billed again.

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