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Here Is What Our Members Say

I was amazed by the amount of content that he had.
I went to his site and I was amazed by the amount of content that he had. It’s really very high quality stuff. There are not a lot of websites that talk about Benjamin Graham style investing and it was like a gem in a lot of rubbish sites. So, I persuaded my business partners to sign up for a Net Net Hunter subscription and inside the membership we found even more gems — Evan talked about stocks, analyzed net net stocks in detail, and not just in a particular country such as in the US which most sites cover, he also went into the UK, Japan, all these countries uncovering net net stocks.
...makes selecting net nets really easy...
Net Net Hunter makes selecting net nets really easy by having a shortlist of international stocks ready to go. The stocks are filtered through their scorecard to increase the odds of picking winners and helps you understand what process is being used.
...an extremely undervalued service...
I must say that it is an extremely undervalued service and something I have been looking for, for a long time! Thanks again for providing the service! Your analyses are thorough, logically sound, and approached with the right amount of conservatism.
...the person behind it has put a lot of passion into it.
I really like Net Net Hunter. It is very rigorous and professional. Very well organized and user friendly. It shows the person behind has put a lot of passion.
You're going to do great with NNH...
I've actually been really happy with everything. I've always really enjoyed your articles, you've been really receptive and you have a natural gift for writing. You're going to do great with NNH, I believe in what you've created!
Net Net Hunter is a "no brainier"!
So, if you read this, you done enough research to understand value. Now, imagine hiring a researcher to go through all the hassle, plus subscriptions, to find the best net nets. That would run into the thousands of dollars per month... But not anymore. Net Net Hunter is a "no brainier"! And the education comes for free! That's value.
...the membership was totally worth it.
I've learned a lot about investing this year, reading Graham and Warren Buffett. However, when it came to actually picking stocks, I had no clear idea what to do and what style to implement. Shortly after, I stumbled across Net Net Hunter, and investing in companies below their "net net current asset value.” This made much more sense to me. After learning more about net nets and cigar butt investing, I decided to join Net Net Hunter. Usually, I’m very sceptical and never spend money online, but the membership was totally worth it. It helped me find great stocks I never would have working alone to find net nets. I’ve also made some decent returns in the first few months. The community is great and has quite a few experienced members to learn from. Overall, the service is great and saves a lot of time and headache. I’m extremely satisfied.
...there is no other web-site that will give you the information that Net Net Hunder provides.
I read about Evan's website over 5 years ago when I was still a beginning investor. I had the privilege to read and correspond with Evan personally and thanks to him I began my journey as a Net Net investor. Today I have made investing my profession and I also manage a Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund In Israel. With my personal money I still adhere to Evans principles, buying net-nets and negative ev stocks. I can say with much confidence that there is no other web-site that will give you the information that Net Net Hunder provides. Even just purchasing the Shortlist stocks I am confident will give any investor a huge return which easily will return the subscription cost (just don't spread the secret to too many people so we the smaller investors can still enjoy the returns net- nets provide. :>) I also highly recommend Evan's book which I have just completed. You will not find a more knowledgeable person on the subject in the world (maybe other than Warren Buffett himself and Benjamin Graham if he were alive :>)
I'll always be indebted to Evan for opening my eyes...
I was in financial markets since 2004 doing all kind of analysis, be it Technical analysis, Elliot wave Analysis, Fundamental analysis, etc. I first came across Net Net Hunter in 2011, when I started as an accountant for Evan. Initially, I avoided applying the net net strategy to my investments but after looking at the strong historic net net performance, I started tracking Asian net nets. I then read Evan's new book and it was great. I've now successfully applied Net Net Hunter's cigar butt strategies in India and can say that they're the best from a risk-reward perspective that I've ever come across. I'll always be indebted to Evan for opening my eyes to this classic approach.
...it had saved me countless hours researching and valuing companies.
Net Net Hunter is literally a gold mine with tons of invaluable resources! The site is an excellent tool for finding quality international net net stocks. It does all the leg work for you to filter out the clatter and find winners. With exceptional and comprehensive data, along with the community forum of like-minded investors, it had saved me countless hours researching and valuing companies. Highly recommended!
...they continue to provide new insights all the time.
Net Net Hunter’s screens have been a big help, but the forums and analyses are what have really added value. Through those features I not only got to learn, but to also tweak these timeless investing principles to my own unique taste and they continue to provide new insights all the time.
...the discussion in the forum is an inspiration...
Net Net Hunter is the best source of website to learn Benjamin Graham value investing. I truly learnt a lot since joining Net Net Hunter and the discussion in the forum is an inspiration and learning for everyone! There are many resources that guides you through the basic of value investing. Evan Bleker is one of the best mentors I’ve ever seen, and honest.
...a great resource for ideas and research.
Net Net Hunter is a great resource for deep value investors. The articles and resources cover a wide range of subjects related to investing and are very unique in their content. The global community of investors is a great resource for ideas and research. Net Net Hunter opened my eyes to a totally different way to think about investing and I'm a better investor because of it.
...the best site for net net investing.
Net Net Hunter is the best site for net net investing. I enjoy the insight that Evan and other valuable members provide on the forum.
...it is a community of very knowledgeable investors from all around the world...
Net Net Hunter is an essential tool for me as a private investor. First of all, it is a source of investment ideas. The shortlist and the raw list are great hunting grounds for those of us who look for deep value opportunities. But most importantly, it is a community of very knowledgeable investors from all around the world, who like to share their experiences and ideas, and have fun learning about very broad topics. Having Evan running the place and sharing his vast experience with all of us is the icing on the cake.
...it has advanced my knowledge of stock market investing.
Net net hunter is a great resource for those looking for a way to invest in bargain stocks. I have learned so much from joining the Net net hunter community and it has advanced my knowledge of stock market investing.
I’ve learned so much by being a part of this community...
I have been with Evan from almost the start and can tell you that he is the real deal. Honest, hard working, and has built a very helpful platform. I've learned so much by being a part of this community that it's a night and day difference from where I started from 6 years ago. These days I'm far too busy to invest because of a demanding career, but manage to keep buying great cheap cigar butts thanks to Evan's site. When he says that Net Net Hunter helps people put together a high quality net net portfolio quickly and easily, he's not kidding. The shortlists are an invaluable filter that saves me a week of work (!) each month, and the forum is full of people sharing their finds and thoughts on particular stocks.
...what separates Net Net Hunter is the quality of the analyses and commentary...
There are multiple screening services that can deliver a list of domestic and international net-nets – what separates Net Net Hunter from the rest is the quality of the analyses and commentary on top of the screen. Net-nets are appealing for their value; but so many of them are sinking ships. The only way to put the odds in your favor is to dig into each one of them – Evan and his team do the yeoman's work of narrowing down the list.
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Evan Blecker


About Evan Bleker

I found investing very difficult when I started, and even harder when I took on a career. I was too busy to spend hours each week reading investment books, filtering large numbers of stocks to find the best candidates, and researching a few to find real buys. What I needed was:

  • A high performance strategy supported by academic studies and successful use in practice
  • Dedicated readings so I could make the best use of the time I have available to learn
  • A network of smart deep value investors sharing their perspectives on individual stocks
  • And someone to hand-filter thousands of stocks to find those with the highest potential

That’s why I launched Net Net Hunter. Creating a network of deep value investors let us pool resources to hire a dedicated analyst to hand-filter roughly 1000 international net nets. This saves 35+ hours of work each month. And, having more smart people hunt for great buys means sticking more of them into my portfolio.


Our goal is simple: To help small investors leverage Ben Graham's net net strategy by reducing the amount of work it takes to put together and manage a high quality portfolio. Without help, small investors face a mountain of work to filter through 750-1000 international net nets, and then conduct proper research on a chosen few, so abandon the strategy altogether. Feedback we've gotten from members on our Shortlist, Raw Screen, investment reports, learning resources, newsletter, and community forum tells us just how valuable they find Net Net Hunter.

Evan Sign
Evan Book


Benjamin Graham’s Net Net Stock Strategy

My book is the only high quality comprehensive guide to practical net net stock investing. It clearly lays out the net net stock philosophy so anyone can understand it, and provides practical steps for applying the strategy in today’s markets.

When every value investor you meet seems to be a Buffetteer, taking the contrarian approach by adopting a proven deep value strategy is more valuable that ever... and so is a practical guide to help you do it.

What Our Members Say About the Book

Alvin Chow

Alvin Chow


The best go-to person if you are serious about implementing Graham’s net-net strategy for yourself.

Brian Grosso

Brian Grosso

JBF Capital

Evan has carefully dissected the net-net approaches of some of the investing greats who pioneered the strategy, such as Buffett, Graham, and Cundill, to trounce the market in his own portfolio over a decade, but didn't stop there. He has also distilled net-net investing into an approach that any investor can replicate, without a large investment of time.

Luis Sánchez

Luis Sánchez

Céntrica Portfolio Management

Evan Bleker is one of the few value investors in the world who actually understands net-nets in depth, both in theory and in practice. He has invested successfully in these kind of stocks, and he has refined the strategy with his own valuable research and experience.

Three Reasons to Get

The net-net investing strategy is well known but rarely practised. The strategy was based on simple logic and timeless truth yet many investors found it psychologically difficult to by unloved stocks. As an individual investor. net-net stocks can give you superior performance that beats the market

Unless you are a professional investor, you simply do not have the time it takes to put together a high quality portfolio of deep value stocks. Net Net Hunter saves you 35+ hours per month of identifying and filtering net nets for further research. How much is your time worth?

Our community is full of high calibre investors who are focused on cigar butt investing. We share perspectives on best practices, and great net net stock finds so that others have an easier time achieving better returns

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