About Net Net Hunter

Our mission is to make net net investing clear, accessible, and easy for everyday people.

We owe Ben Graham a debt of gratitude for developing such a high performing strategy that the little investor could take care of. But, Graham's comments about the strategy are only scattered in bits and pieces of larger volumes that he produced throughout his life. This makes adopting the strategy problematic.

Net Net Investing Brain Trust. Net Net Hunter has brought together these scattered fragments into a single site, and we've dove into the academic studies, industry white papers, articles, and comments from gifted investors about the strategy. The result is an enormously valuable body of knowledge brought together into a single high quality resource website.

Close Knit Community Membership. Another great body of knowledge is our Inner Circle membership forum, with over 10,000 high quality posts discussing net net investing. We almost never meet other net net investors in daily life, so getting to connect with a strong group of smart investors has been very rewarding. Now there is a solid community of net net investors to bounce ideas off of, network with, and to source suggestions for stocks to research.

Net Net Investing Best Practices. We've been value investing since 1999, and investing in net nets since 2010, so have piled all of that knowledge into a set of best practices which we discuss at length on our Inner Circle Forum. These principles have even been laid out in an intelligent mechanical net net investing framework that we call Ansan 2.0.

Net Net Stock Shortlist. Each month we present members with the nearly 1000 international net nets available, then spend 30+ hours combing through them to highlight the 40 or 50 best to focus their research on. Given how messy standardized data is for tiny companies, filtering by software does not work well. Previously, members would have to spend an enormous amount of time doing this work themselves, or hire an analyst. Now they have the work done for them via their Net Net Hunter membership. How much is your time worth?

Monthly Research Analysis. We provide members with a solid piece of analysis on a net net stock once per month to help provide an additional perspective on some of our shortlisted stocks. This also helps members save time trying to use the strategy.

Put Together A High Quality Net Net Portfolio Quickly And Easily. All of this means that Net Net Hunter members can put together a high quality portfolio of net nets much more quickly and easily than they could on their own. Members easily save 40 hours of sourcing and analysis work each month. In our experience, without this help, investors tend to quit net net picking altogether, missing out on the great returns (roughly 25% annually) that Benjamin Graham made available through his writings.

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