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  • High quality Net Net Stocks
    Hand-picked net net stock ideas sent to your inbox every month. We combine Benjamin Graham's core principles with modern scientific studies to identify the best possible net net stock opportunities available.
  • International Focus
    Put together a highly profitable international value portfolio with great net net stocks from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Japan.
  • Built for Small Investors
    Take advantage of your small size by investing in the most inefficient areas of the market -- small and microcap deep value stocks. This strategy is perfect when investing less than $10 000 000 USD.
  • Learn How to Invest
    Not sure how to invest in net net stocks? I'll immediately send you a series of detailed articles to walk you through the framework you need to profit using this strategy. Learn how to easily identify high quality net net stocks.

Masih Hosseini

Masih Hosseini

/ MSc, Simon Fraser University

I signed up for the free net nets mid-autumn 2013. It has been a great way to get good stock ideas and learn more about investing. Evan seems focused on giving a good experience and I've never had spam.

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Fill your portfolio full of high potential net net stocks.

What You Get

  • Access powerful net net stock ideas -- many poised to double within 12 months -- through our hand-tailored net net stock shortlists.
  • Connect with a global network of dedicated deep value investors on topics such as stock ideas, portfolio strategy, investment books, and economic or political events.
  • Dig deep into raw screens of over 400 net net stocks in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Japan.
  • Gain skill as a deep value investor through our comprehensive Resource Center.

How We Do It

  • Every month we use our proprietary investment scorecard to comb through over 400 net net stocks by hand in 5 international markets to find the highest potential investment candidates. We then make these lists available to you.
  • You will get access to our exclusive membership forums to discuss investment ideas, strategies, books, world events, and a range of other value investing topics.
  • We’ve gathered every critical piece of writing on net net stock investing to help you develop your strategy. New to investing? We have specific articles to help you learn how to invest.

We Do It For You

  • If you have less than $10 million to invest and embrace the Graham and Dodd deep value investment philosophy then you're our ideal member.
  • If you're willing to invest in friendly international 1st world markets then you will find a lot of opportunity.

What Makes Us Different

  • Join the only membership site that is 100% focused on net net stock investing. No other site can match our dedication to this exceptional investment strategy.
  • Our proprietary investment scorecard combines Benjamin Graham's timeless investment principles with modern scientific research to help identify the absolute best investment candidates. Our foundation is very much Graham and Dodd but our focus is evidence based investing that leverages contemporary scientific studies.
  • We highlight net net stock investing best practices to help you put together a fantastic portfolio.
  • New investor? We've developed a step by step process to help you turn cash in the bank into a portfolio of high potential net net stocks.

Net Net Hunter makes selecting net nets really easy by having a shortlist of international stocks ready to go. The stocks are filtered through their scorecard to increase the odds of picking winners and helps you understand what process is being used.

Alvin Chow

Alvin Chow

Big Fat Purse

I went to his site and I was amazed by the amount of content that he had. It’s really very high quality stuff. There are not a lot of websites that talk about Benjamin Graham style investing and it was like a gem in a lot of rubbish sites. I persuaded my business partners to sign up for a Net Net Hunter subscription and inside the membership we found even more gems — Evan talked about stocks, analyzed net net stocks in detail, and not just in a particular country such as in the US which most sites cover, he also went into the UK, Japan, all these countries uncovering net net stocks.

Matthew Senicola

Matthew Senicola

New York / Managing Partner, North Shore Wealth Management

Net Net Hunter is a very valuable and unique service. There are very few sites dedicated to following net net stocks. This site offers investors a wealth of information on the subject as well as many potential stock opportunities to consider.

Blake Miner

Blake Miner

Hong Kong / The Energy Life

Initially I was weary about joining but the nine day cancellation policy was reassuring. Evan is really personable and has helped me understand net net stocks and how to invest in them. His investment shortlists really help minimize the work necessary to put together a good portfolio.

Luis Cote

Luis Cote

Doha, Qatar

The thought of financial independence before turning 40 had never crossed my mind. Then, I was lucky to meet Evan who has been offering guidance on how to invest. This is how I made a promise to myself to retire in under ten years. I now feel that my goal is within reach.

Zenas Hubbard

Zenas Hubbard

South Korea / zenashubbard.com

Net Net Hunter has been a super easy way for me to receive great investment ideas month to month without having to spend a lot of my own time on it doing all the research.

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