Does Warren Buffett Drive His Own Car?

Does Warren Buffett drive his own car? Warren Buffett, one of the wealthiest individuals in the world, is known for his frugality despite an estimated net worth of over $100 billion.

His down-to-earth lifestyle often raises eyebrows when juxtaposed with the extravagant habits usually associated with his economic status.

One question emerges from it all. Does Buffett, like many other billionaires, employ a chauffeur, or does he choose to drive himself? Let's find out.

Does Warren Buffett Drive His Own Car?

Yes, Warren Buffett indeed takes the wheel of his own car.

Despite his immense wealth, Buffett is renowned for his down-to-earth and unassuming lifestyle, which includes personally driving himself to work every day. He steers clear of hiring a chauffeur, choosing instead to embrace simplicity and humility. It's remarkable, considering he could easily afford one.

Actually, Buffett is a terrible driver. According to Alice Schroeder, author of the best biography on Buffett written, "The Snowball"...

"He's a terrible driver. There's always something going on in his head and he's also talking to you, meanwhile the car wanders between lanes and goes through yellow lights. He drives slowly to make sure it won't cause too much damage if he gets into an accident. I think he is doing less driving these days and being driven more, thank goodness."

So, if you happen to see him on the road, stay off the sidewalk! Or, better yet, start crossing before the walking sign turns green so you can collect a few million when he hits you!

What Kind of Vehicle Does Warren Buffett Drive?

Warren Buffett drives a Cadillac XTS, a car that is far from the flashy, high-end luxury vehicles that one might expect a billionaire to own.

Consistent with his down-to-earth lifestyle, Buffett's choice of vehicle is practical, reliable, and understated. The Cadillac XTS is valued for its comfort and efficiency, rather than its status symbol when compared to higher end options made by Bentley, Jaguar, or Rolls Royce.

It's important to note that Buffett's decision to drive a modest car doesn't stem from a lack of appreciation for luxury or quality. In fact, he is known to have a keen eye for value and quality in all aspects of his life. His choice of vehicle reflects his belief in practicality and thrift, demonstrating that wealth does not necessarily equate to extravagant spending. In 2023, the Cadillac XTS goes for between $48,000 and $74,000 USD.

Not that Buffett would ever pay such outrageous prices for a vehicle. Actually, Buffett was known to buy cars that were essentially sold as salvage due to hail damage.

At times in the midwest hail gets downright crazy, and can destroy a car’s bodywork. As a result, shops sometimes fix the damage then sell the cars for a small fraction of their blemish-free peers. What a bargain for the world’s best bargain hunter to take advantage of!

So next time you see a Cadillac XTS cruising by, remember the man behind the wheel may just be a billionaire who stays true to his principles and keeps things real.

Does Warren Buffet Have a Driver?

No, Warren Buffett does not employ a personal driver.

Despite his astronomical wealth, he chooses to drive himself rather than hiring a chauffeur. This decision aligns with his philosophy of living a simple and humble life, regardless of his financial status.

Buffett's choice to drive himself is also a testament to his independence and preference for practicality. His actions reinforce the idea that one's wealth does not necessarily determine their lifestyle choices. Buffett continues to inspire many with his uncommon approach to wealth, standing as a symbol of humility and groundedness in a world often dazzled by extravagance.

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Article Author: Evan Bleker

Article image (Creative Commons) by Caleb Whiting, edited by Net Net Hunter.