5 Must Read Net Net Stock Articles For 2021

Are you prepared to crush the market in 2018?

The Net Net Hunter community has built up a lot of knowledge and has taken on some really top talent in terms of investors over the last 12 months. The lessons I've learned about net net stocks have been invaluable.

I wanted to share some of those lessons with you here today. Some are examples of principles that we've lived by at Net Net Hunter in order to make our great returns possible, and others are more direct insights into how you can improve your own net net stock investing.

Of course, the best way to win with net net stocks is to sign up for membership because mentorship and an ocean of resources is incredibly valuable when it comes to learning how to crush the market. And, someone taking most of the work out of picking high quality net nets also helps...

PV Crystalox (LON:PVCS) Comes Back From the Dead

PV Crystalox is a perfect example of how Ben Graham’s net net stocks workout. Despite the firm’s uncertain future, a dirt cheap stock price made for fantastic returns.

That's not all we saw in the company, though. When looking back at PV Crystalox, it was clear that the stock had major profit potential. True to form, it turned out to be a solid winner through 2016. Read More

International Net Net Stock Screener: How To Find The Best Stocks

Here’s how we find the best quality international net net stocks using our net net stock screener. I didn’t earn a 25%+ compound annual return by accident.

The value of having a shortlist is almost incalculable. The difference in performance from the best performing net nets to the worst performing net nets can be nearly 20% per year so it really pays to focus on the best net nets possible. The difference in your portfolio's value entering retirement could amount to a shortfall of $1,000,000. Here’s the magic behind our selection process. Read More

Why Guy Spier Rejected Warren Buffett’s Investment Strategy

Why has Guy Spier rejected Buffett’s contemporary strategy while so many value managers are trying to copy it?

Most don't realize it but Guy Spier was a card-carrying Buffetteer when he first started value investing. Like most value investors, he assumed that buying great firms was enough to earn the highest possible returns. It didn't take long for Spier to shift his strategy completely, however, falling back on classic Ben Graham investing. Read about Guy Spier's thoughtful shift to deep value. Click Here

How Jeroen Bos Picks Net Net Stocks

Jeroen Bos is one of the few professional investors championing net net stocks. While originally a student of Peter Cundill, Jeroen Bos has crafted an interesting net net stocks strategy.

He's also written a book on what he does, titled "Deep Value Investing: Finding bargain shares with big potential". Read about one of the few professionals using the strategy. Click Here

Is Aswath Damodaran Right On Mechanical Investing?

Not all investors are in love with mechanical value investing or net net stocks. Some are downright skeptical. Since we want to be as fair and balanced as possible at Net Net Hunter, we conducted our own assessment of What Professor Aswath Damodaran thinks about mechanical value.

Is he right that most mechanical investors fail due to issues associated with illiquidity? Read More

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